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The launch of ABSEM-PPC.com marks a new chapter in aggregation of PPC industry news, views and opinions

September 1, 2010

London, England; Los Angeles, California. 12 August 2010. In the past, the aggregation and assimilation of PPC industry specific news and information was an arduous task, marred by the tedious process of having to visit multiple online locations, without any certainty with regard to the quality or reliability of the information obtained.

ABSEM-PPC.com is out to change all that. By acting as an aggregator of PPC industry news, views and opinions from across the world, ABSEM-PPC.com is proving to be a one-stop shop for those desirous of obtaining the requisite information.

Such an initiative on the part of ABSEM marks a whole new chapter in the way information in this regard has usually been sought – most often through trial and error whereby invariably there are more misses than hits and the quality of the information obtained is always a suspect.

Speaking on the occasion, Naval Kumar, Founder and CEO of the ABSEM network which comprises of ABSEM Limited as well as sister concerns such as ABSEM-PPC.com, said that, “With ABSEM-PPC.com, we have essentially established a vertical site that is specific to only one channel of digital marketing. By aggregating industry specific news and information from varied yet highly reliable sources, we have effectively set-up a one-stop shop whereby readers can obtain all the information that they are seeking. With ABSEM-PPC.com, the need for visiting multiple sites to obtain the requisite knowledge and information with regard to developments in the industry is rendered completely redundant.

In this regard, while some may question the need for having access to the latest news and information on developments in the PPC industry, when the basic principles are already known, those associated closely with the industry are well aware that when it comes to such a dynamic field, yesterday’s valuable knowledge may become today’s irrelevant history! It is for these reasons that it is absolutely vital to keep up with PPC industry news and information, on a constant basis.

In this regard, ABSEM-PPC.com ensures that all the latest PPC Tips & PPC News from various PPC Experts & PPC Consultants are available at all times, with a frantic effort to make certain that the information is topical and relevant.

Given that background, if you are on the lookout for the very latest PPC industry specific news and information, make sure you head straight to ABSEM-PPC.com.

ABSEM-PPC.com is an aggregator of PPC Tips & PPC News from diverse PPC Experts & PPC Consultants around the world.

For more information on ABSEM-PPC.com, its visionary founders, as well as the ways in which it could help your business streamline its PPC offerings better, Contact Us today!

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