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SEO Basics

October 8, 2009

Search Engine Optimization or SEO should be a long term commitment and a vital plan for your online marketing efforts – because there is no traffic like free traffic.

  • Always begin with a Search Engine friendly design of your website. The site should be easily accessible to the Search Engine crawlers.
  • Make sure all the links on your website are working and pointing to the right pages. Broken links won’t allow the crawlers to index those pages.
  • Keep your URLs SEO friendly. For example if your page has information about SEO a good URL would be: www.absem.com/search-engine-optimization-seo. Avoid using URLs like www.absem.com/p45 – these don’t mean anything to the crawlers. They will still index them but based on a users search query it won’t help in displaying the page in SERP.
  • Spend time in identifying the right Meta Tags for all your landing pages and keep them unique to the content displayed on those pages. Generic Meta Tags across all the pages will not help. For Example:


<TITLE>Search Engine Optimization Basics I</TITLE>

<META NAME=”keywords” content=”search engine optimization, seo, serp”/>

<META NAME=”description” content=”absem.com provides helpful Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC), and overall Search Engine Marketing (SEM) tips and strategies.”/>


  • Do not over stuff these tags with keywords and wordy descriptions, keep them short and sweet.

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