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PPC Quality Score Factors

October 10, 2009

I recently read on an interesting post on Search Engine Land regarding Quality score and how it is related to the Click Through Rate (CTR). Wanted to share some additional information based on research and experimenting.

Google’s Quality Score is based on [Exact Match]. Historically I have also noticed, [Exact Match] always has the highest Conversion Rate and lowest Cost Per Conversion (CPC) even with the lowest conversion volume. Some interesting things I have tried and have helped:

Keywords, Ad Groups, & Ad Copy:

  • Split Keywords into smaller, more targeted Ad Groups.
  • Write relevant Ad Copy for each Ad Group.
  • Using verbs and calls to action.
  • Experiment with Match Type testing & pause poor performing match types.

Landing Page:

  • Overall Landing Page Quality – make sure the landing page is relevant to the user’s search query.
  • Landing Page Load Time.

How to Improve Quality Score:

  • Identify Keywords with poor Quality Score and adjust their bids or pause them.
  • Create landing pages targeted to specific Ad Groups.
  • Targeted and keyword rich Ad Copy will improve (CTR) and Quality Score.
  • Start Campaigns with [Exact Match] and Broad, and add “Phrase Match” overtime (I personally start with Exact & Broad Match).

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