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PPC Keywords with no traffic

October 22, 2009

Dealing with the dead weight of keywords that generate no conversions or clicks. I personally break this down into 2 sets:

  • Keywords with Avg. Positions 5 or better
  • Keywords with Avg. Positions worse than 5

Since there is no performance history, it is hard to benchmark these keywords against anything. You don’t have to take 5 as the deciding position you can choose any position that you consider appropriate for your account.

If the Avg. Position is better than 5, go back and check the estimated search volume for the keyword. If the search volume is less then the keyword is not a good fit for the account. However, if it is an obvious keyword related to your industry but with less search volume then leave it as is.

If the Avg. Position is worse than 5, you should optimize their Max. CPCs to further test their potential. There is no formula for this, depending on your budget and room for aggression increase the Max. CPCs and follow their contribution over time.

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